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Ferran Adrià

Best chef in the world

What made elBulli worthy of three Michelin stars? And what is it about Ferran Adrià that makes him one of the best-regarded chefs in the world? A combination of imagination, hard work, provocation and innate creative talent, that resides in something as simple as not copying others.

Adrià’s cuisine exerts in the world of gastronomy a similar effect to that of the catwalk on prèt-â-porter or the Formula 1 on car racing. What is perfectly clear, in any case, is that elBulli’s cuisine was altogether something else and is based firmly on innovation and creativity.

“We never stop discovering, learning, investigating. Opening new paths is always a hard job, but it is also extremely gratifying. A great deal of patience and a little bit of courage in the face of adversity are required””

Ferran Adrià’s signature cuisine has always been based on three main pillars:  the use of seasonal, regional products; the use of an elaborate techniques, both professional and exquisite, grounded on the full knowledge of culinary bases; and deep investigation in which dishes are not only conceived but also acquire a raison d’être, not just mixing ingredients for the sake of it, but giving them a real meaning.

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